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He was right. I wasn't happy because I wasn't doing it for me. (I guess I married a pretty good guy, huh?)

After a good old fashioned ugly cry in my 2004 Mitsubishi and several phone calls to both my mother and boyfriend - I dropped out of college and started doing shoots for free. Which led to a friend of a friend asking to photograph her wedding, which led to here! All because of one sentence, and a desire to do something for myself. (And an absolutely amazing support system! Love you Mom and Dad!)

This job has brought me more joy and freedom than I ever thought possible, and I can't imagine doing anything else. I still can't believe I get to serve amazing couples during one of their life's biggest milestones! Every couple I work with holds I special place in my heart and becomes apart of our extended family - and that is so important to me. (Getting to choose my own schedule and be home with my kids more isn't a bad bonus either!)

and then I realized...

But the more college classes I went to, the less excited I got. Suddenly I was confused, and as someone who had spent their life trying their hardest in school - this made me go into crisis mode.

I remember sitting in my car after class and crying. Full out ugly crying. And then I called my now husband and he said this sentence - "If it's not making you happy then why are you doing it? Who are you doing it for?"

Ever wonder, "hey what am I actually doing with my life?" or, "is this my purpose?" - for me, that thought probably crosses my mind once a month. 

But it used to happen every dang day.

I remember graduating high school thinking I wanted to be a teacher. It just made sense. I loved helping others, I had high grades, I loved kids - so becoming a teacher was perfect, right?

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Musical theater is my secret passion... shh!
Just kidding - I have zero shame and will belt show tunes 24/7. My kids will most likely think I'm a Disney Princess.


My bestie, my pregnancy twin, my second shooter - Olivia and I have known each other since KINDERGARTEN! (Say what?!)


My favorite part of wedding day is when y'all see each other for the first time! (Cue the tears!)


I refer to my husband as "Sherb" - long story short? His last name is Sherbert and calling him Robert is WEIRD.


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Elijah James | Two Years Old

My rainbow baby with a heart of gold. Loves to dance and give his sister kisses. Nonstop eater.

Eli + Emme

the littles

Emmeline Jo | Six Months Old

My miracle girl with big blue eyes. She's tiny but mighty. She loves to giggle and watch her big brother.