Be right back, doing a happy dance! I’m so glad you’re taking the next step in your booking process.

Please tell me all about yourself, your partner, and your wedding plans! If you have a date already, please leave it in the details section.  - XOXO, Kailah

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How long will it take to get our photos delivered?

For sessions, 2-4 weeks. For weddings, 6-8 weeks. During peak wedding season, my turnaround rate may be a week or two longer based on my workload. But I will keep you informed and updated on the progress!

How far in advance do I need to book you for my wedding?

A photographer should be one of the first vendors you book once you’ve secured a date. I recommend contacting me 12-18 months before your wedding to guarantee my availability.

How many hours should we set aside for wedding photos?

I recommend setting aside 7 hours minimum for your wedding day. Remember that weddings can be unpredictable and things like the weather, running behind, or miscommunication can set back your timeline. You also don’t want to miss out on capturing the details and emotions throughout the day!

Do you recommend a “first look” on the wedding day?

A HUGE yes! First looks are perfect for the couple who may be more shy or private with their intimacy. You can do them in so many different ways as well, so it feels personal to you! And that means most of your photos are finished pre-wedding, so you can relax and enjoy the rest of your day!

Do you offer payment plans for your packages?

Absolutely! I believe every couple should be able to afford photography for their wedding day. Those memories are one in a million. I have several options available and am very flexible. Just ask!

Do you offer micro-wedding and elopement packages?

Of course! Micro-weddings are on the rise, and so I’ve modified my elopement pricing to fit any and all micro-weddings. They can range anywhere from $500 - $1000. Just let me know in the contact form how many hours you’ll need me and we’ll go from there!

Do you deliver every image from our shoot?

The simple answer is no. While I understand wanting every photo may be important to you, I handpick and hand-edit every image in your gallery. After years of culling through images, I have learned that multiples of the same shot aren’t interesting to look at. I only send you the best!

I know you travel, but where is your home base?

I work out of my house in the heart of West Nashville! I love getting to invite clients into my home office for meetings, coffee, and album design.